Atlantic Coast High School Stingray Tennis Teams


Stingray Boys Tennis Start Off to Great Start

Atlantic Coast (9-4) Defeats Ed White

Match Score (5-2)  
Josh Jenkins (AC) d. Nhat Vo (8-3)
Michael Hardy (AC) d. Jared Davidson (8-2)
Johnson (EW) d. Steven Young (8-7)
Andrew Rybeck (AC) d. Nguyen (8-4)
Patrick Hanania (AC) d. Melvin (8-0)

Exhibition: Josh Brown (AC) d. Melvin (5-2)  

Young/ Rybeck (AC) d. Vo/ Davidson (8-4)
Johnson/ Sadsarin (EW) d. Mosco/ Hodges (8-3)

Atlantic Coast (8-4) Defeat Raines

Match Score: 5-2  
Perkins (R) d. Josh Jenkins (8-5)
Michael Hardy (AC) d. King (8-1)
Steven Young (AC) d. Hill (8-4)
Andrew Rybeck (AC) d. Smith (8-2)
Eddie Ellis (AC) d. Hanania (8-1)  

Perkins/ Hill (R) d. Rybeck/ Young (9-7)
Silas Mosco/ Aaron Pannell (AC) d. Smith/ King (8-6)

Atlantic Coast (7-4) Defeat Parker

Match Score (5-2)  
Josh Jenkins (AC) d. Ritchie (8-4) 
Michael Hardy (AC) d.  Gartland (8-2)
Steven Young (AC) d.  Simpson  (8-3)
Andrew Rybeck (AC) d.   Robinson (8-3)
Patrick Hanania (AC) d.  Hanania (8-1)  

Ritchie/ Gartland (P) d. Silas Mosco/ Aaron Pannell  (8-6)
Simpson/ Robinson (P) d. Hodges/ Brown (8-1)

Atlantic Coast (6-3) Defeat Yulee

Match Score: 4-3  
1. LaMere (Y) d. Jenkins (8-2)
2. Michael Hardy (AC) d. Nelson (8-4)
3. Steven Young (AC) d. Jenson (8-4)
4. Silas Mosco (AC) d. Luscardi (8-1)
5. Andrew Rybeck (AC) d. Smith (8-0)
LaMere/ Nelson (Y) d. Hanania/ Brown (8-4) J
enson/ Luscardi (Y) d. Hodges/ Villacinio (8-4)

Atlantic Coast (5-3) Lost to Mandarin

Match score: 7-0      
1- Diegan d. Jenkins (8-1)
2- Mella d. Hardy (8-1)
3- Allen d. Young (8-0)
4- Alcantara d. Mosco (8-0)
5- Grinnan d. Rybeck (8-0)  

1- Dieagan/ Allen d. Jenkins/ Hardy (8-5)
2- Mella/ Alcantara d. Young/ Rybeck (8-3)

Atlantic Coast (5-1) defeats Englewood      
Match Score: 5-2
1.  Josh Jenkins (AC) d. Opacic 8-2
2.  Michael Hardy (AC) d. Oyler 8-4
3.  Steven Young (AC) d. Faraj 8-6
4.  Silas Mosco (AC) d. Prinzi 8-5
5.  Andrew Rybeck (AC) wins forfeit  

1.  Opacic/ Oyler (E) d. Rybeck/ Hanania 8-4
2.  Faraj/ Prinzi (E) d. Pannell/ Brown 8-5

Atlantic Coast (4-1) defeats Ribault (0-3) in boys tennis (2/24/11)  
Match Score (6-1)  
1.  Josh Jenkins (AC) d. Robinson (R) (8-0)
2.  Steven Young (AC) d. Morris (8-0)
3.  Silas Mosco (AC) d. Oliver (8-0)
4.  Andrew Rybeck (AC) d. Sam Hill (8-1)
5.  Patrick Hanania (AC) d. Kenny Carter (8-1)  

1.  Josh Brown/ Aaron Pannell (AC) d. Robinson/ Morris (8-2) 
2.  Oliver/ Hill (R) d. Hodges/ Villavicencio (AC) (8-7(12-10)) 

Atlantic Coast (3-0) defeats Lee (1-2) in boys tennis  
Match Score (5-2)  
1.  Sukhmari Barnes (Lee) d. Josh Jenkins (8-2)
2.  Michael Hardy (AC) d. Rajay Williams (8-4)
3.  Steven Young (AC) d. JW Williams (8-1)
4.  Silas Mosco (AC) d. Rajai Cousley (8-2)
5.  Andrew Rybeck (AC) d. Sam Baker (8-2)  

1.  Sukhmani Barnes/ Rajay Williams (Lee) d. Josh Jenkins/ Michael Hardy (3-0 forfeit) 
2.  Steven Young/ Silas Mosco (AC) d. JW Williams/ Sam Baker (8-0) 
Atlantic Coast (2-0) defeats First Coast (1-1) on 2/15  

Match Score: 7-0
Josh Jenkins defeat Austin Latak (8-3)
Michael Hardy d. Alex Latak (8-2)
Steven Young d. Dominique Daniels (8-1)
Silas Mosco d. William Johnson (8-2) Andrew Rybeck d. Paul Diaz (8-0) Josh Jenkins/ Michael Hardy d. Austin Latak/ Alex Latak (8-1) Andrew Rybeck/ Patrick Hanania d. Dominique Daniels/ Paul Diaz (8-2) is a parent run website who's goal is to provide visitors with updates on news, scores, roster info and more for all Atlantic Coast High School sports. We encourage Coaches to get involved. We are always looking for both parent and student contributors as well. We are NOT an official school website, but we work with and support the Atlantic Coast Stingray Booster Club and the sports department.

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