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Uniform Options

Our uniforms and apparel are completely custom and for that reason you can use any of the embellishments on this page to create an entirely custom look that is completely unique to your team.  



Tackle Twill is a great way to upgrade any uniform to make it look great.  Choose between 2 color or 3 color numbering/lettering.   


You can see the Tackle Twill process here .


You can see available colors here .



Flatlock Stitching is a great way to add color and texture to any uniform.  The two fabrics butt up against each other creating a flat seam. You can use any color thread which allows you to make your apparel completely unique.



Decorative piping can be added to any seam to give your uniform extra color and detail.  Piping is offered in all colors and is a great way to add an accent to your apparel to make it completely unique.



Screen printing uses a stenciled screen to apply ink directly to the fabric.  This can be used for more simple logos that contain five or fewer colors.  



Embroidery is a slightly more expensive way to add a custom look to your apparel.  A great way to add your logo by using different colored threads to sew logo directly on fabric.  There are limitations of colors when using embroidery.



One of the easiest ways to add a unique look to any uniform is by using creative fonts.  


You can search for the perfect font here.



With our sublimated uniforms, there are no limits to the number of colors that can be used on your uniforms.  We use the Pantone Color System, so color options are limitless.


Click HERE to see color options.

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